Friday, December 23, 2016

Ben is 15 Months!

Along with all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, sweet Ben has marched right into 15 months!

Having mastered so many physical milestones in previous months, the big news this month is how communicative he's become.

To date, he says the following words regularly:
All Done
Duck - He also tries to make the "quack quack" sound but it comes out as "ack ack" and he currently
makes this sound for all animals. 

He also knows the following signs:
Thank You
All Done
He also nods yes and no

He repeats other words occasionally, and we've also heard him try to say his brothers' names. He's very expressive, and cracks us up with the enthusiasm of his requests!

One bittersweet development this month is that he rarely lets me rock him to sleep anymore. He still nurses for a short while then decides he's done and will squirm until I put him down and he runs to his bed and puts his arms up for me to lift him into his crib. From there he gets comfortable, I cover him with his blanket and say goodnight. He goes right to sleep all by himself. Obviously, a child who can put himself to sleep is awesome, but oh how I already miss those nighttime snuggles! He's rarely still when he's awake so I treasured those quiet moments when I could soak up his sweet smell and pretend for at least a short while that he was still my little baby!

I do sometimes get a few relatively still moments with him when he brings me a book to read, which is often. He hands me the book, usually while saying "book!" and then backs himself into my lap and demands that I read to him.

He LOVES going outside. Need a little proof?

Andrew helped me with this month's photo shoot, making Ben laugh.

There is a very sweet bond growing between Ben and Andrew. Andrew has always adored Ben but Ben can now reciprocate the affection...and the wrestling, much to my dismay. And Ben now instigates some of these more physical interactions between the two of them. Oh boys.

He may be bonding with Andrew, but he looks more like toddler Jackson every day! Here's the two of them on their 15 monthdays!

I can't believe how fast you are growing up precious boy! Time slow down!

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