Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Alfie's Last Week & Grand Farewell

Alfie kicked off his last week with us by seeing the boys off for their last two days at school.

The next day was the boys' last day of school, so he brought them a special breakfast...their favorite snownuts!

That night we headed to Grammy and Pop's house and who do you think was there to greet us when we arrived?

The next morning we found him on the dessert table, sampling the snickerdoodles the boys made with Grammy!

The last morning at Grammy and Pop's he had some quality time with his cousin elves.

We made it home for Christmas Eve, which is Alfie's last day with us. He left the boys a letter and one last trick.
The letter said: 

Dear Jackson, Andrew & Benjamin,

What a blast we have had together over the last few weeks! The weeks I spend with you three boys are definitely the best part of my year.  I often boast to all of the other scout elves that I have the BEST family!

Tomorrow is Christmas Day! As much fun as my visit has been and as much fun as tomorrow morning will be, I hope that you remember the true reason for all the fun. Christmas is Jesus’ birthday! Jesus was the greatest gift ever given, and he loves you more than anyone in the whole world—even more than your mommy and daddy (and they love you a whole lot!) Show God how thankful you are for sending his son by being kind, generous, and your very best selves all year long.

Today is my last day with you. When you wake up tomorrow, I will be gone but there will be presents from Santa! Since it’s my last day and tonight I will fly back to the North Pole in Santa’s sleigh, I won’t need magic to fly. So you know what that means! Today you can touch me, hug me, and play with me. Before you go to bed tonight just put me by the Christmas tree so Santa can find me when he comes to visit your house! I smelled all the goodies Mrs. Clause was preparing for our Christmas Party tonight and I do not want to miss it!

I didnt forget how much you love my treasure hunts! I hope you have your thinking caps on because my clues are a little harder this year!

I can’t wait to see you next year!

Love, Alfie

They were eager to get started on their treasure hunt. I did my best to keep up with them as they ran up and down the stairs and out the door! The first clue that Alfie was holding said:

Clue #1
Rudolph is the lead reindeer
because his nose can always be seen.
For your first clue,

check where our clothes go to get clean.

The laundry room, of course!

Clue #2
The best part of this time of year
is spending time with family, from far and near.
Gram and Pop will be here today!

Can you find something in the room where they stay?
Quick, up the stairs to the guest bedroom!

Clue #3
After a long day of Christmas joy,
and playing with all those great new toys,
It must be time to sleep on a bed,

Look in the place where your mommy rests her head.

Clue #4 
At Christmastime, we find joy in the gifts we give.
For clue number four,

look where your clothes live.

Clue #5
Time to get ready for this special day,
Wash your body and hair I do say.
You take a bath, but sometimes a shower

Hope your clue didn’t get wet from all that water power!
Is it in this shower? Nope!

Mom and Dad's bathroom!

Clue #6
We’ve had so much fun with an activity each day
Spending time together while we wait for Santa’s sleigh.
Around the tree outside we had our snowball fight,

Perhaps a clue is there, much to our delight!

Out to the front yard, look in the tree!

Clue #7
In this room used for cooking, lots of holiday treats we will bake
In fact, in just a little while we will make a cake!
Look in the oven where we’ll put the whole lot,

Just check to make sure that clue is not hot!
The oven!

Clue #8
I hope youve had fun
Finding all the clues
You can find the special gift

Where we keep our shoes!

Inside the box they found our Night Before Christmas book, the supplies to make the birthday cake for Jesus and a barrel of monkeys (because that's how much fun Alfie is, of course!)

After playing their new game, we got right to work on the cake while Alfie looked on.

And of course if you help make the cake, you get to lick the beaters. Alfie watched, but unfortunately was not offered even a lick!

Alfie went everywhere with us during the day and ended the night reading The Night Before Christmas.

Goodbye Alfie! We will miss the excitement and giggles you bring each day! Until next year...

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