Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Alfie the Elf's First Week

Alfie had a great first week with us! Every morning, the boys scamper downstairs eager to see what the elf found to get into, quickly followed by shouts of "Mommy come see what Alfie did!!!"

We were off to a great start with our old pal with the 4th Annual North Pole Breakfast.

Day 2 had him flying high!

On Day 3 he dressed up as Donatello and hung out with his Ninja Turtle pals.

Day 4 he encouraged the boys to get their wish lists for Santa done!

On Day 5, he wrapped the kitchen table in wrapping paper! It's a good thing we could eat our snack dinner as a picnic in the living room!

Day 6 he was just hanging around. He must have been tired after binge watching missed episodes of This is Us and Designated Survivor. Or ummm....something like that...

I didn't manage to get a picture of Day 7, but may have been the boys favorite thus far because he brought them nerf guns to take to their friend's nerf gun party on Saturday!

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