Thursday, December 22, 2016

Alfie the Elf: Week 3

I just love our elf! Our boys wake up every morning in December with excitement and anticipation of what Alfie will be doing that day and start their day with giggles and smiles and a bit of magic.

On Monday, Alfie thought Ben's Rody looked like a lot of fun to ride on.

Tuesday, Alfie had a special message for Andrew since he had his Christmas concert at school that night.

On Wednesday, Alfie enjoyed a little Uno with some friends. The little black lab is Andrew's lovey, Baby Dog. He couldn't believe Alfie had sneaked into his room while he was sleeping and taken Baby Dog to join his game!

On Thursday, Alfie was homesick for the North Pole and had had enough of our mild Texas winters, so he escaped to the fridge for more of a feeling of home.

Friday found Alfie and some friends subbing in for a shepherd and the Wise Men.

Saturday got Alfie the most giggles when he covered up all of the eyes on our photo wall with googly eyes, and even donned some googly eyes himself!

On Sunday morning the boys found him asleep under the Christmas tree in his own sleeping bag following our camping in the living room night where they had slept in their sleeping bags!

Just a few days left Alfie!

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