Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Alfie the Elf: Week 2

Alfie kicked off week 2 with a trick for letting the boys touch him and carry him around. His note says "Dearest Malnar Boys -- I squeezed myself into this tight space today so that you can carry me around without me losing my magic. I can't wait to see all the fun and adventures you have today. Please do not open the lid until bedtime so I can fly back to the North Pole. Love, Alfie"

The boys thought this was so fun!

Andrew had important things to tell Alfie over breakfast.

The next day Alfie made them a "lunch" to wish them a great week at school. Oh Alfie!

Jackson wanted to actually take Alfie's lunch to school.

The next night, Alfie built a lookout tower in the bathroom. I think he heard the shenanigans happening there when boys are supposed to be washing hands before dinner.

The next day he was a camel-riding wiseman.

Spiderman Alfie was a big hit!

Andrew's car needed a little tune-up, Elf style.

Finally, over the weekend he traveled with us to Dallas!

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