Friday, December 23, 2016

17th and 18th Days of Christmas (Gingerbread House & Decorating Christmas Cookies)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Happy 17th day of Christmas Malnar boys! Santa will be here in just 8 days! Our home is full of the Christmas spirit. Capture some Christmas spirit with your very own house-- a Gingerbread house! Tonight we will enjoy our Christmas tree and a special family movie night while camping in the living room by the tree.

We embarked on our Gingerbread house making right after breakfast. Both big boys were eager to help this year. 

Gingerbread house decorating is serious work!

As you can see, Ben tried to come by and "help" a few times also. We had to scoot all the candy dishes far back away from the edge of the table to keep them safe from grabby hands.

Finally we were finished! (Jackson wouldn't rest until every bit of fondant and candy had been used.)


While we were working on the gingerbread house, Justin finished up another project I had started but not finished. My pumpkin snowman!  I had spray painted the fall pumpkins white but hadn't connected them together with the rebar. Justin took care of that for me, and then I added the finishing touches. How cute is he?

I took the big boys with me to get some gifts for Justin in the afternoon and then came home to a crock-pot supper and our living room camping adventure. We popped popcorn and added M&Ms, because is there any other way to eat popcorn?

We watched The Polar Express and then we told two excited, happy boys that it was time for bed. They snuggled in their sleeping bags with lots of reminders to be still, lay down and be quiet. Finally, at some point, everyone drifted to sleep amidst the glow of the twinkling lights from the tree. It was a good night. =)

Sunday, December 18, 2016
Happy 18th day of Christmas Malnar boys! Santa will be here in just 7 days! Santa loves cookies and heard that you do too! Decorate some Christmas cookies with your friends!

Our friends came over for some Christmas cheer, cookie decorating, dinner and present exchange. The big kids, Jackson and Jillian, can almost do this project by themselves. Andrew and Alex still need a little help. I gave Ben a little dough to play with, and what do you know, a minute later it had disappeared and he was licking his lips and signing "more please!"

After we popped our cookies in the oven, we headed to the living room to exchange presents.

Jackson was thrilled with his etch-a-sketch from Jillian!

Legos and Ninja Turtles were hits with the others.

Cookie decorating and eating rounded out the night!

We love our friends and are so grateful to get to spend special time with them during the holiday season!

After getting 3 sugared up little boys to bed, I worked on gifts for my staff. I stressed and debated about what to give all of them (I needed 9 gifts that were appropriate for men and women that wouldn't break the bank) and finally landed on succulents in a festive pot. Didn't these little guys turn out cute?!

We also made a double batch of oreo truffles and got them all boxed up to give with the succulents. I needed a nap after that busy weekend!

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