Wednesday, December 21, 2016

16th Day of Christmas (Ice Skating)

Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy 16th day of Christmas Malnar boys! Santa will be here in just 9 days! It may or may not be cold outside with our Texas winter, but this afternoon we are going to experience a lot of ice...when we go ice skating! Bundle Up! Afterwards, we will warm up with a cozy family movie night!

We took advantage of having childcare for Ben until 5:30 and picked Jackson up right after school and got Andrew early. I don't think Ben would have had much fun ice skating and it gave us a chance to spend some special time with our big boys. Everyone was very excited as we were lacing up our skates, but Andrew got a little teary when we hit the ice. I coaxed him onto the ice with the promise that he didn't even have to step on the ice, he could just stand on the cone and I would push him around. 

This kid...he's got it figured out!

Here's Andrew and I demonstrating our unique approach...and Justin's, ahem, appreciation of the technique at the end. Thanks, babe. ;)

These brothers enjoyed skating very much!

Once he saw Jackson doing it and got a little more comfortable on the ice, Andrew decided to actually step off of the cone and onto the ice and push the cone himself.

For being so reluctant initially, he did great!

I was so proud of Jackson. He was so determined even when he kept falling down.

Despite the falls, he kept a great attitude and just kept trying. And his perseverance paid the end he was doing pretty well without the cone!

We loved spending the special time with our big boys!

With open skate time ending and promises we can go skate again during our winter break, we headed home to warm up. Ice skating is exhausting!

We had pizza for dinner, and later our Home Alone movie night. Belly laughs were plentiful! I think this may have been the big boys favorite day yet!

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