Saturday, December 24, 2016

1000 Posts!

My last blog post was number 1000! WHAT?!?!

There are not many hobby-type things that I can honestly say I have done 1000 times. I'm not sure if I've even read 1000 books. I surely haven't ran 1000 miles. But I'm now 1000 posts into this labor of love, and I can't imagine stopping. I often say that my kids don't have baby books, but they do have this blog, and that's more fun because I get the chance to share it with all of you!

Thanks for sharing the journey with us in this little blog that was born with this squish, who's grown into a gangly-legged, fast-talking, king of the first grade smarty pants.

Then watching this handsome chubba bubba arrive a couple of years later and watch us really stretch those parenting skills! He is as mischievous as he is cute (which he knows and is probably why he can get away with being so mischievous!) He keeps things interesting around here, for sure!

And while sweet Ben hasn't been around as long, he has certainly added a new and delightful dimension to our family dynamic.

6 1/2 years ago when this blog was born we were just a couple, waiting with anticipation for the arrival of our first little miracle.

And here we are, three kids later with a few more wrinkles (laugh lines, of course!), a thousand more sleepless nights, and immeasurably fuller hearts. I love that this blog documents how much we've grown, the lessons we've learned and the joy we've shared along the way. Thanks for encouraging me to keep it up. The memories are absolutely priceless!

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