Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at the Cabin in the Woods. The boys had a blast playing with all their cousins, and we enjoyed relaxing around the house, visiting with family and stuffing our faces.

Jackson said his favorite part of the trip was the big swing. It's always a hit! The best part is, no one fights over it because it can hold quite a few kiddos at one time!

For the first time, Benjamin got the run of the place and he sure enjoyed stretching those little legs!

The night before Thanksgiving we got to spend the evening with Papa John and Granny. We asked for the picture at the end of the evening when everyone was getting a little tired, so 4 out of 5 aint bad!

We put three very tired kids to bed and then enjoyed some big laughs over this silly game, LOLz! With the lip retractors in, try to say something like "Wrestling Match Wearing Parachutes". My abs hurt the next day from laughing so hard. And Marc and I totally dominated, so there's that. =)

Thanksgiving morning started with a flock of cinnamon roll turkeys and the parade on tv!

Mom asked for a picture of everyone and I think we nailed it! What a good looking bunch! I'm immeasurably thankful for all of these people!

The original "DuFrene 6". My how we've grown!

And this is the only picture I took in proximity to the big feast! Our little turkey thoroughly enjoyed his meal! He probably ate his first Thanksgiving dinner better than either of the boys ever have!

After big naps for everyone, we all enjoyed some fresh air and exercise. Benjamin and I took a few hikes with him in the Ergo and he loved it! (And the extra calorie burn sure didn't hurt mom, am I right?)

Andrew has been so excited about fall and fall leaves since his teachers started talking about the changing seasons early last month. Fall has been a bit elusive thus far, but he was thrilled to finally find some leaves that had changed color! It's also been on his fall bucket list to jump in a leaf pile, so he got out his rake and got to work. And Pop helped a tiny bit with his leaf blower. ;)

It may have started as Andrew's project, but the other kids were quick to join in!

Mid leaf fight, Jackson and Evie decided they needed to see who was taller this visit. Even though Evie is a year younger, she and Jackson stay pretty even height wise (her dad is 6'7 though, so Jackson will probably ultimately lose this competition!) It may not look like it from this picture because they were standing on an incline, but once on even ground, Jackson is currently a smidge taller.

I'm glad we were able to sneak in a few more fall activities because Christmas is coming!

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