Sunday, November 20, 2016

Meeting Sweet Baby P

Justin's brother Cody and wife Sam had a precious baby girl a few weeks ago and we finally were able to make it to the big city of Josephine, TX (population, ~1,200) last weekend to meet her!

Justin and Benjamin, meet baby Penelope! (For the record, he only got to hold her after I hogged her for quite a while!)  =)

Jackson and Andrew were excited to meet their new cousin too. Well, for a few minutes anyway. Newborn babies are pretty boring when you're 6 and 4. Jackson told me, "Mommy, I will think she's more fun when she doesn't just lay there all the time." Fair enough.

Nurturing Andrew was slightly more intrigued.

We also got to spend a little time with Nana, Aunt Judy and Grandma Ann. But all three boys were very relieved to run off some energy at a nearby park!

Thanks for letting us come visit, Cody and Sam! We loved meeting Baby P!

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