Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cub Scouts

Jackson decided that instead of playing a sport this Fall he wanted to join Cub Scouts. We went to the informational where he was given a brochure showing boys camping, fishing and shooting a bow and arrow and he never gave soccer another thought. 

He has been loving it (and looks awfully handsome in his uniform to boot!)

He and his dad have enjoyed their quality time together at Monday night den meetings, building bird houses, going on nature walks, planting a garden, attending an Aggie basketball game and lots of other fun activities.

Even Andrew made a new friend!

Their pack meetings are always interesting as well. At one, they had a demonstration on electricity and at this one, they learned about robotics and got to build a dueling robot!

 Jackson and his den have even earned their first badges!

And of course, everything is even more fun when you get to hang out with your best buds! Is there anything cuter than a pair of Cub Scout pals? I assert that there is not. And we are absolutely recreating this picture at their Eagle Award ceremony!

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