Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cub Scouts at Aggie Basketball

Jackson's Cub Scout den is working on their games badge, so last week they got to attend an Aggie Basketball game. I don't think it was the first Aggie basketball game Jackson has attended but it's the first that he remembers! What a treat for a school night!

The pack had connections and the boys even got a little behind the scenes tour of Reed Arena!

I also had free tickets, so Andrew, Benjamin and I got to go too! My free tickets weren't quite as good as the Cub Scouts though! We were 4 rows from the very top, way off to the side, even though the Arena was virtually empty for this early season, non-conference game. Supposedly those were the "best available" general admission. Ok. 

This was about 20 minutes before tip-off. More people did show up on the lower levels, but we pretty much had the section to ourselves!

Benny was thrilled with his first Aggie basketball game!

But just after tip-off, we decided to relocate to where the scouts were since there were a ton of empty seats still around them, too! Andrew was pumped about the popcorn that his brother begged for and then was done with after about 5 bites. 

Jackson insisted on sitting in the actual seat his ticket indicated and refused to acknowledge my presence. And so it begins. 😭

Andrew was delighted though to get to sit right by Caleb. He ADORES Caleb and Caleb is so sweet and patient with him!

We had to leave at halftime because it was already after 8, but we had to promise to come to another game!

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