Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas Tree Day!

We made our traditional trip to the Christmas tree farm the morning after Thanksgiving. We pull into the farm in 4 different vehicles, 20 people pile out, and we leave with 5 trees. I'm sure we are a sight to behold!

After a bit of debate, we found the Malnar tree!

The big boys were very excited to use the saw! Daddy got it started.

Jackson got his turn...

...and then Andrew!

After we got our trees, we headed to the community park to let the kids burn off some energy.

It's so fun/weird to see Ben running around, exploring and trying to keep up with the big kids!

Cousin love!

Baby cousin love!

Later on that evening, we celebrated Leo's first birthday a little early. He thoroughly enjoyed his cake!

Benjamin enjoyed it too!

After the cake was devoured, we decorated Gram and Pop's tree.

Both big boys were very excited about decorating the trees this year, but especially Jackson! He insisted that I take a picture of him hanging each ornament. Here's a small sample. =)

He insisted on taking pictures of me too!

This is my treasured lid ornament. I made it in kindergarten. It was supposed to be holly leaves and berries but do you know how hard it is to cut felt with safety scissors and 5 year old hands? It's become a family joke, but the ugliest ornament still gets a place of honor at eye level on the tree every year. I love that my mom's tree and now my tree is filled with a treasure trove of family memories. Ornaments gathered from our travels, random collections and kids' artwork.  They may not be the prettiest trees, but what they lack in sophistication they makes up for in sentimentality and nostalgia.

The next day we made our annual trip to the Loblolly Model Train Display. The boys look forward to it every year.

Ben enjoyed it this year too!

All the kids took one last four wheeler ride with Pop before the Malnar clan headed back to College Station. We had our own decorating to do and someone special was waiting for us!

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