Friday, November 18, 2016

Camping at Fort Parker

Special guest blogger, Justin here today to share all the fun of their Cub Scout camping trip!

While Mere was in Indy, Jackson's Cub Scout pack had their first family camping trip. Gram and Pop came into town and stayed with Ben so I could take the older boys camping at Fort Parker State Park. To say they were excited was a tremendous understatement!

As luck would have it, rain was in the forecast. It rained off and on all day and night, but we donned our rain boots and still managed to have some fun!

During a break in the weather, the Pack visited Old Fort Parker, a re-creation of the original namesake of the park.  The boys had fun exploring and running around with all the other kids.

The Scouts picked a great weekend to visit Fort Parker State Park (aside from the rain, of course!).  As part of their 75th anniversary celebration, the Park organized many extra activities for visitors.  

The boys enjoyed learning to cast a real fishing pole and successfully caught "fish".  

Next we learned how to use an atlatl, a tool that uses leverage to throw an arrow rather than a bow.

Next we learned about Buffalo Soldiers and their life on the early Texas frontier.  The soldier challenged them to a horse race and may have let them win.  

We also took a boat ride around the lake.  We saw ducks, blue herons, and other birds out on the water.  This may have been the first time they sat still all day.

Then it started to rain again.   Have you ever cooked hot dogs in the rain? I have.

We had a picnic in our tent during the next rain storm.

About two hours later, the rain finally stopped just in time for roasting marshmallows and a night-time nature hike.  After our hike, Jackson loved hanging out with the bigger kids sharing ghost stories.  Andrew was ready for bed (and maybe dad was too!)

Meanwhile in College Station, this cool kid enjoyed the undivided attention of his doting grandparents! I don't think he missed us too much.

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