Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ants, Flies, and Superheroes

Just a few things we've been up to in the last couple of weeks...

The week before Halloween was Red Ribbon Week at Jackson's school. When I was a kid, I remember just wearing red one day but apparently now it's a week long thing of various dress-up days. Most of the days were pretty easy, like Tuesday's "Team Up Against Drugs" when students were encouraged to wear a shirt of their favorite sports teams and "Hats off to being Drug Free" when they got to wear a hat. But the "I'm Drug Free from Head to Toe" (Crazy hair/Crazy Sock day) had Justin running out to Wal-Mart after the kids were in bed for a can of spray hair paint. 

Now, I hope that Jackson is never in the situation where he is offered drugs, but if he is, hopefully he will think back to that day in 1st grade when he had green hair and wore his treasured red baseball socks and think "no thanks, because I'm drug free from head to toe."

Then Halloween was book character dress up day and Jackson decided to go as Fly Guy. These are his favorite books to read to himself so it was was only fitting! Didn't Justin do a great job on his costume?

Not to be left out of all the fun, Ben and Andrew had Dress Like a Superhero Day at their school. How cute is our little Batman?

We got out the Little Tykes car for Ben, but as you can see, he didn't get much of a chance to play in it. The big boys figured out a way to make it a two-seater!

We've also been entertained for the last month by the ant farm Andrew got for his birthday. Everyone has enjoyed watching the ants tunnel through their habitat. It's fascinating!

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