Friday, November 11, 2016

Andrew at the Dentist

Our little Andrew is really growing up! When we took him to the dentist in the Spring, he wanted nothing to do with it. He clamped his mouth shut and wouldn't budge. We've talked a lot over the last 6 months about how big, 4 year old boys cooperate for the dentist. Finally the big day arrived to see if our efforts paid off. He let mommy and Jackson go first, but soon enough it was his turn and he climbed up unto the big chair. 

He was still a little nervous, but he let the hygienist brush and floss his teeth, use the sucker, and even scrape out a little tartar! He was pretty pleased with himself to get to pick out a toothbrush and prizes from the treasure chest. Best news of all: no cavities for any of us!

Yep, big 4 year olds are great for the dentist!

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