Friday, November 25, 2016

Almost Thanksgiving

The month of November has flown by! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activities, all culminating in my favorite holiday of them all...Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving surely has some of the cutest crafts! Jackson thinks we should save the turkeys and eat mac and cheese and sausage instead!

Jackson's school combines Grandparents Day with their Thanksgiving feast and he was so lucky to have Gram and Pop join him for this special day!

Jackson's pre-Thanksgiving festivities continued the next day with his class celebrating with a special Mayflower snack. He was most excited about the gummy worms (apparently some of the food stored on the Mayflower had worms in it--a disgustingly hilarious fact to this 6 year old boy).

Andrew and Benjamin's school also observed the holiday with a special lunch and concert courtesy of the older two classes. I can't believe Andrew is now in the "big kid" classes!

I couldn't tell you what they actually sang...the words and tune were a little hard to make out. But what it lacked in discern-ability, it made up for in cuteness!

Benjamin was happy to see mom and dad at lunch time and cheer his brother on!

Andrew is thankful for his friends!

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