Saturday, November 5, 2016

Aggie March-In

Next up on our fall bucket list was attending an Aggie game day march-in.

We decided to avoid fighting the traffic near campus and take the "Get to the Grid" shuttle service. Which meant the boys got to ride the Aggie bus! Justin was already on campus helping with a fundraiser for the little boys' school, so I had all three to myself for a little while. I got more than a few comments to the effect of "you've got your hands full!" Yes. Yes I did. =)

We made it to campus, found a nice spot along the curb to watch march in, and rested our little legs for a while.

Just before step off, Daddy arrived! (Can you tell Jackson was tired of pictures?)

But smiles returned to faces when the Aggie Band arrived!

They really do love each other! (How quickly in our house a hug turns into a body slam though!)

The cutest little Aggie enjoyed his first march in too!

We started to make our way to Justin's truck and stopped at every fountain along the way.

When we were at Fish Pond, the horses of Parson's Mounted Cavalry rode by as a special extra little parade. 

Gig 'Em Ags!

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