Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Well Checks for 3

I earned another Super Mom merit badge last week when I successfully took all three kids to the doctor. Andrew and Ben were due for their 4 year and 1 year well checks, and Jackson needed a flu shot. It made the most sense to just take off an afternoon from work and knock them all out. I somehow managed to coax, comfort, undress and redress three kids, carry on intelligent conversation with the doctor about each child, filled out 4 pages of the same paperwork I have filled out every time we have visited over the last six years (because why?), the exam room was no worse for wear when we left and I lived to tell the tale! 

Here's the quick summary: 

We have 3, happy, healthy boys! Praise the Lord!

Jackson is growing, slowly but surely and now takes shots like a champ. He bravely went first and didn't so much as whimper when he got his flu shot.

Andrew is also growing and is now just 3 inches and 3.5 pounds smaller than Jackson. He may be ambidextrous. He would have been ok with one shot, I think but 4 was just too much for the poor guy. He sniveled all the way to the snow cone place afterwards. 

Benjamin is a big boy, is growing quickly and is hitting all milestones ahead of the game. Poor baby got 5 shots, but he quieted down quicker than Andrew. =)

Here are the details for those that are so inclined:

Height: 43.25 inches (7th%) - but up half an inch in 3 months which is what the doctor wanted to see
Weight: 42 lbs (19th%)

Height: 40.25 inches (50th%) 
Weight: 38 lbs, 10 oz (73rd%)

Height: 31 inches (85th%)
Weight: 23 lbs, 12 oz (82nd%)

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