Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Best of the Beach

By Thursday, our days of being beach bums were drawing to a close but the best was yet to come. We found a boogie board that some other vacationer had left behind (it probably didn't fit in their mini van either!) and Jackson was in heaven!

He was absolutely fearless on this thing. Scared his Nana half to death and resulted in a stern talking to from the lifeguard when he went out too far.

He's definitely our little fish.

Andrew gave it a try but decided he prefers being a land lubber. 

That afternoon during naps, Nana, Benjamin and I headed to the outlet mall in Destin. On the way back, we stopped at Sarah K's gourmet to pick up dinner and oh, heaven. The crab cakes are amazing!

Friday was our last day at the beach but it was absolutely the most perfect. The ocean earlier in the week was kind of rough, cold and with a little seaweed. Friday brought in a warmer current that was perfectly calm and clear.

Even Andrew enjoyed these calmer waters!

For a little while, anyway!

The boys wanted to visit their favorite pools one more time, so we headed there next.

The Malnar Boys really know how to make a splash wherever they go!

Yes, it really was a perfect day.

And exhausting!

Since it was our last day and we ate lunch so late, we decided to skip nap so that we could go check out the National Armament Museum near Eglin Air Force Base. The boys enjoyed checking out all the big planes.

Ben did not skip nap. =)

The cockpit trainers were definitely a hit!

It was a really cool museum and FREE! Check it out if you're ever in the area, especially with boys!

Their favorite souvenirs from the trip! Tiny replicas of the planes they got to see. Thanks, Nana!

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