Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Remarkable Reptiles

All of the details for Andrew's reptile party came together so nicely, but what's a reptile party without actual reptiles? We brought in an awesome edutainer, Michael with Austin Reptile Shows, and he put on a great, hands-on show for all the kiddos! Jackson and Andrew were so excited and eagerly watched him get set up.

While we waited for all of Andrew's friends to arrive, everyone enjoyed the backyard. We put out a few toys, some chalk, and a tub full of water beads and all the kids were happy to play until it was time for the main attraction!

Finally the show started!

Even Benny was excited!

First up were the turtles!

Next were the lizards...

And finally the snakes! Just the small ones at first...

Then corn snakes by the handful! I have to say that the kiddos either loved or hated the snakes.

Once everyone (well, most everyone) was warmed up to our new cold-blooded friends, he brought out the big guys. You know, the ones that if you saw them in the wild you would scream like a little girl and run the opposite direction (even though these particular snakes were harmless).

They were awesome!
 Yep, that's a big snake!

We got to take a family picture and I was calm and cool and collected holding that big ol snake. Of course I was...

...or maybe not so much! It started constricting around my neck! Oh the things we will do for our kids!

After our reptile friends were packed back up in their crates (I carefully watched to make sure he didn't accidentally leave anyone behind!), we ate some lunch and got to sing to the birthday boy!

Hey, it's his party and he can lick all of the icing off the top of his cupcake if he wants to!

Andrew told me later "I loved my party, mama!" And that's what it's all about. I know this is one party we will all be talking about for a long, long time! 

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