Monday, October 31, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

Next up on our Fall bucket list was our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. The big game versus Alabama was later in the day so the boys were already rocking their Aggie gear. 

The littlest pumpkin was in a great mood and super cooperative with all of his mom's crazy ideas to prop him against a variety of gourds.

The two big pumpkins would rather run through the hay maze, but they obliged a few pictures.

A perfect little stair step. I predict by next fall, Andrew will have just about caught up to Jackson and Ben will have closed the gap considerably!

While the two big boys ran around like crazies, mom and dad enjoyed a few minutes with the slightly less mobile child.

How many times do you think I retrieved corn out of his mouth during the taking of this picture?

Andrew wanted to take a picture with all of the cut outs....

It's not fall until you've sat precariously atop a pile of pumpkins!

Following the pumpkin patch, we stopped at a nearby park, one of the boys' favorites that we don't make it to often because it's not terribly close to anything else. Ben really loves swinging!

Jackson went straight to the monkey bars and crossed them like an old pro. I had no idea he could do this! Apparently they have monkey bars at his school and he's been practicing! 

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