Thursday, October 27, 2016

Laissez Bon Temps Rouler!

We had to say goodbye to the beach but our next adventure was just 4 hours down the road. We decided to break up the drive with an overnight stop in New Orleans and introduce the boys to one of our favorite cities!

As anyone visiting New Orleans will tell you, your day is pretty much planned around where and when you're going to eat. =) So naturally, our first stop when arriving in town was lunch at Mother's for po-boys. I learned my lesson here...the boys will say they don't want shrimp and then eat all of ours when they realize how delicious it is. With bellies full (for a while anyway) we took the streetcar uptown to City Park. 

I felt like we kind of got to enjoy the city like the locals! It seemed that every child who was having a birthday in the city that day was at City Park, and there must have been a dozen parties inside Storyland alone.

After exploring all of the story book characters, we set out for the playground.

Ya'll...the huge Live Oaks...the Spanish moss...I just love this city!

For the sake of transparency, our streetcar ride back to the Quarter was not blogworthy. We knew we were pushing it by skipping naps for the second day in a row, and surprisingly it was Jackson who went into full-blown meltdown mode. But by the time we reached the Quarter, he had turned things around, perhaps aided by the promise of beignets at the Cafe du Monde. Now, the boys had never eaten beignets before that they can remember (Jackson actually traveled with us to New Orleans when he was 1), so we talked them up. I'm happy to say that the beignets did not disappoint. Just check out the play by play of their first bite and reaction, particularly Jackson. =D

Ben loved them too! Good thing he's mastered signing "more"!

We made the circle around Jackson Square, and even got to see a wedding second line parade!

Andrew and Jackson got to meet Andrew Jackson, but they weren't too impressed.

As the sun was setting, we walked along the mighty Mississippi. Many thanks to the slightly intoxicated woman who put down her beer to take our picture!

We didn't really want to stay in the city after the sun went down with three kids in tow, so we loaded up and had dinner in Metairie. Yelp didn't let us down with the recommendation of Chef Ron's Gumbo Stop. It was a hole in the wall but delicious and the service was excellent! The boys got to decorate chef hats and they loved their whole plate of shrimp.

With bellies full (again and this time really, really full), we checked into our hotel in Kenner and all pretty much crashed for 12 hours! The next morning, our hotel theoretically provided "breakfast" but it left something to be desired (packaged muffins, anyone?) so when in Rome, right? The lure of beignets less than a mile away was too great to resist. Nobody complained.

We set out for Texas with happy memories more numerous than the calories consumed. Which was a lot. =)

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