Friday, October 14, 2016

Jackson the Big Helper

Jackson is really moving into big kid territory these days. I remember having a conversation with a friend a couple of years ago who had a little kid as well as two older kids. Her little kid was about the same age as our kiddos at the time but her big kids could actually be helpful with household chores. I remember remarking how nice that must be. Flash forward just a couple of years and I think we are reaching that season with Jackson. 

He loves getting home on Tuesday afternoons because one of his newest chores is getting to wheel the garbage cans back up from the curb! Oh boy! And unlike us, he never forgets!

He's also very helpful with special projects too. We did some yard work to prepare for the birthday parties and Jackson was so committed to helping! Andrew kept trying to get him to play with him in the backyard and Jackson would say "No, Andrew! I have to help with the yard. It's my responsibility." And he was actually tremendously helpful!

I love my babies, but having a big kid is pretty awesome too. We are absolutely going to enjoy this stage when his willingness and ability to help are both pretty high. I know it will be just a couple of short years before his ability will be even higher but willingness likely will have tanked!

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