Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Since Andrew's birthday party was 4 days before his actual birthday, we got to keep on celebrating him for a few more days! 

Sweet precious boy, so excited to be 4! He got to start out his birthday morning before school with his presents from mom and dad.

Oh boy, oh boy, a remote control helicopter that really flies! (This was the only thing he actually told us he wanted for his birthday!)

He also got a truck and camping action figure set that he had spied during a shopping trip with dad. He and Jackson have both really enjoyed playing with this.

Birthday donuts! A Malnar family tradition! (Sorry Sunshine Class teachers!)

Make a wish!

At lunch time, Justin and I brought a treat to the birthday boy's class at school.

He was pretty excited about his cookie cake!

Later that evening, he got to pick where to go out to dinner and he picked C&Js BBQ. I'm still surprised he didn't pick pizza, but that's where he insisted he wanted to go! And the staff were so sweet to him. They noticed it was his birthday and brought out a surprise slice of chocolate cake and ice cream for him, and even sang to him! If you're counting, that makes THREE birthday desserts for our boy in one day. I'd call that a successful birthday!

Back home, we got to check out that awesome new helicopter!

I think he likes it. =)

Happy birthday our precious four year old Andrew! We hope you always feel so celebrated, treasured and LOVED!

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