Sunday, October 23, 2016

Geocaching & Kite Flying

Tuesday of our vacation brought another cool morning, so we decided to explore a bit more of Fort Walton Beach and do a little geocaching! 

Many of the caches were hidden along points of public beach access that weren't particularly picturesque... 
Cache #1!

But just steps away was the gorgeous Emerald Coast!

Cache #2

What a beautiful morning!

Cache #3

Cache #4
At this stop, there were some fisherman on this pier reeling in a fish. They let the boys touch the fish and then throw it back.

Near Cache #5
Cache #5 had an adjacent playground so we let the boys play for a while. Look who's playing like a big kid now!

Mischievousness personified. 

These two. They will wrestle anywhere. It's their love language, I do believe.

All the boys loved getting to spend so much quality time with their Nana!

Cache #6
Cache #7 brought us to a somewhat hidden nature trail. We saw a blue heron bigger than Jackson and a virtual sanctuary for the migrating monarch butterfly. It was the most butterflies I've ever seen concentrated in one place in the wild. Very cool!
Near Cache #7

We returned to the condo for lunch and naps and hit the pools in the afternoon.

"Look Mommy, I'm a walrus!"

With the sun setting soon, we headed down to the beach to fly kites.

Benjamin was feeling much better by Tuesday and loved walking in the surf with his daddy!

Check out these muscles!

With the sun sinking lower, we found our front-row seats for the big show!

As it turned out though, everyone else decided to head back to the condo to shower and get ready for dinner leaving me to enjoy the show on my own. 20 minutes of just the sound of the waves crashing, the cool, powder sand between my toes, and the beauty of a beach sunset. I could literally feel the stress melting away. It was bliss.

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