Saturday, October 22, 2016

First Beach Days

Since we made it to the condo on Saturday night after dark, our first glimpse of the beach was on Sunday morning and it didn't disappoint! We woke up to temperatures in the low 60s (it was October afterall!) so we got to take it easy and enjoy the view for a while until it was warm enough to go down. 

The boys' absolute most despised part of going to the beach is putting on sunscreen. Do anyone else's children act like you are rubbing acid into their skin while applying sunscreen or is it just mine? Thankfully, Benjamin is still pretty cooperative and even let me style his hair into a little faux-hawk with the suncreen. See, he's not completely bald! =)

It was still a little cool so we enjoyed the sand for a while.
Ben's first taste handful of sand!

Beach Vacation Bucket List Item #1: Bury Daddy in the Sand -- check!

Ben also got to dip his little toes in the ocean for the first time!

He liked it!

But truth be told, Ben was a little out of sorts on Sunday. He was running a low grade fever and was super cranky. Upon investigation, we saw two big molars coming in so maybe that was it? Whatever the cause, I didn't mind taking it easy with him and we both took two naps this day.

Waterscape, the resort we stayed at also has 4 pools so after lunch and naps the boys checked them out. One of the pools is a lazy river, and it was the big boys' favorite! Just check out these smiles!

Monday was spent much like Sunday with the beach in the morning followed by lunch and naps.

Ben took a nap on the beach almost every day. It gave me enough time to actually read a whole book over the course of the week!

If only this was my view every Monday!

We went to dinner out that night instead of cooking at the condo like we did for most meals. I told Justin my only criteria for the restaurant was that it be seafood and have an outdoor patio on the water. The Original Waterfront Crab Shack delivered on both accounts! The food was good and the view was excellent!

While waiting for our food, we went out on the dock and fed the fishies.

Beach Vacation Bucket List Item #2: Sunset Dinner by the Water-- check!


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