Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall Favorites

With our beach trip planned for October, I vowed to stay in a summer state of mind until after we returned. So as the rest of the country embraced pumpkin spice everything, I stood strong, instead enjoying buying new shorts and sandals on clearance. 

But as soon as we returned, the fall decorations went up and we started crossing items off our fall bucket list with no time to spare!

First up was attending a high school football game. A cold front came through earlier that day, giving us a crisp, clear night just perfect for hanging out under those Friday Night Lights. These 4 friends were pretty happy to be reunited too!

The College Station Cougars are undefeated and it was easy to see why. I'm pretty sure Waco was ready to head for the buses after the first quarter.

I dare say Benjamin enjoyed his first football game!

The next day, we did our witch pumpkin project. For the first time, Jackson couldn't be convinced to participate. =(

But Andrew was eager to help and have mom's undivided attention!

October also means Aggie football, and the game everyone has had circled on their schedule since it was released. Alabama. This is pretty much how Aggie Fans everywhere felt during the game...

That moment in the 3rd when we actually had a shot...

And just a few minutes later when we began to self-destruct. #surrendercobra

Oh well, there's plenty more fall fun to be had to help take our minds off of that!

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