Friday, October 28, 2016

Benjamin is 13 Months

Precious Benjamin is 13 months!

With all of the build-up to that first birthday, for some reason I'm always caught a little off guard when that 13th month rolls around...they just keep right on growing!

I feel like this month was a big one for Ben developmentally. He's a full-time walker now, which is honestly still a little weird. This kid who has been at our feet for months is now toddling around everywhere which makes him seem even more like his own little person. He walked all the way out of school today on his own power for the first time, following Andrew and laughing the whole way.

He's repeated lots of sounds, but he has two things he says regularly: mama and all done (sounds like ah duh)! He says all done when he's done eating, but also when we are doing something he doesn't like, like changing his diaper. He likes to copy all sorts of noises with his mouth like clicking, smacking, raspberries, etc. He loves to laugh with his brothers. If they start laughing, he laughs too, even if he has no idea what they are laughing at.

He's up to 10 teeth, with three molars having come in this month. My great eater sadly seems to be adopting a typical toddler diet with a strong preference for carbs, fruit and dairy. He will still eat some meat and veggies, but they are items of last resort. He still nurses 2-3 times a day.

He's so fun these days. He claps and points, and waves hi and bye bye to everyone including strangers in the store. He signs more and all done. He loves singing songs with motions, and you can just see his little wheels turning to figure out how to do them by himself. He loves touch and feel books, with his current favorite being one about kittens.

He's so busy but so precious! Happy 13 months Benjamin!

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