Monday, October 3, 2016

Andrew's Reptile Party

Oh my goodness we had a busy busy busy weekend celebrating with two different parties for our two little birthday boys! With Ben and Andrew's birthdays just 2 weeks apart, we now have the annual dilemma of choosing to combine the parties, or spacing them apart adequately so that I don't want to pull my hair out. For this year though, they really needed separate parties and it just made the most sense to schedule them for the same weekend so that family only had to come into town once. So we partied hard this weekend!

First up on Saturday was Andrew's party. And I may be slightly biased, but I think Andrew's party turned out awesome! The entertainment was amazing, and with many great photo ops so it needs it's own post. But there were lots of other details that I don't want to forget! Now, when Andrew said he wanted reptiles, I wasn't so sure I could really get into the theme. I'm not a big fan of snakes and creepy crawlies, but despite my hesitations, I think we nailed it! 

Balloons and "warning" signs greeted guests as they approached the house.

Once inside, there was a tree in my dining room! Justin made the tree and branches and my mom cut out all of those leaves. I had a fun time adding the reptiles inhabitants to the branches.  Justin put the trunk and branches up on Thursday night, so when the boys woke up on Friday morning, they were surprised and delighted to see a tree in the dining room! Benjamin was just the cutest. When he came in the room he looked at the tree. Then looked at me. Then looked at the tree. And then looked at me. And then pointed at the tree as if saying, "mom, are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

 Our menu included lots of creepy crawly favorites.
"Frog Eggs"
"Iguana Hearts"
"Croc Teeth"
"Pureed Lizard and Chips"

"Turtle Food"
Per the birthday boy's request, we had two kinds of chocolate cupcakes and gummy snakes for dessert.

The cupcakes were topped with Toob creatures...snakes, lizards, turtles and alligators.

And each kiddo got a creature to take home!

He may not remember all of the little details (ok, he may remember the tree in the dining room!), but he will definitely remember this!

All of the snakes, turtles, and lizards are coming up next!

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