Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Andrew is 4!

Another year has passed in a blink and our precious Andrew is 4!

At four, Andrew is tough and sweet. On one hand, he tends to not know his own strength and I worry a bit about him playing with younger kids. He doesn't mean to hurt them, but he's a bruiser! His exuberance combined with his toughness makes him a force to be reckoned with. On the other hand, he is extremely polite! I often call him my little gentleman because I rarely open a door for myself when Andrew is around, and he has great manners. He's also very complimentary. He often will come up to me and say "mommy, I love your hair!" or "this is a pretty shirt you're wearing mommy!" (usually when he has been naughty). And he is usually the first to say "Thanks for cooking this yummy dinner, mommy!" (however sometimes I question the sincerity of his compliments since he will say that and then barely touch his dinner!)

As sweet as he is, he is hard-headed. When given instructions he doesn't want to cooperate with he doesn't argue (like big brother, Jackson). No, he just ignores you as if he didn't even hear. And when you scold him, in his next breath he says "I love you mama."

Something unique about Andrew is that at 4 he remains ambidextrous. Most children develop handedness by age 2 so his pedi thinks this may stick. He seems to have some preference for his left hand for writing, but we still see him using his right hand also. And throwing a ball or batting is a complete toss-up. A coach's dream, perhaps?

Andrew is our night owl and needs less sleep than most. It is not unusual for us to put him to bed at 8 after doing our whole bedtime routine of a bath, pajamas, teeth brushing, stories and snuggles. Even after snuggling with him and rubbing his back for 30 minutes he will not be asleep. Jackson will be snoring and he is still wound up. An hour later we will come back upstairs to find that he has transferred the entire contents of his toy box to his bed, or completely dressed in his clothes for school the next day (inside out and backwards, of course). But then the next morning, he will often be the first one up and usually in a sunny mood.

Andrew loves being outside. The hot hot hot summer months when it's literally dangerous for him to be outside longer than a few minutes are torture for him. He begs to go outside. Our outside boy loves swinging, digging in the sand box, scooting and riding his bike.

If you want to punish Andrew, send him upstairs to play alone (with a playroom full of toys). He will react like he has been banished to the deepest, darkest dungeon. Poor middle child has no idea how to play by himself. He has always had Jackson, and now he has Benjamin. Speaking of Ben, he is ensuring that Benjamin is just as tough as he is!

As for favorites, here they are in his own words:

What do you want for your birthday? Lots and lots of stuff. A new jumpolene. A new buckle house (???)

What kind of birthday party did you have? Reptiles.

What is your favorite color? Dark Blue.

What is your favorite center at school? The train table.

What is your least favorite center at school? I like them all.

What do you like to do with your family. Go outside. Go on scooter rides.

What is your favorite book? The Good Dinosaur.

What is your favorite tv show? Curious George.

What is your favorite movie? Anna and Elsa

Where is your favorite place to go? Space. Wal-Mart.

What makes you happy? Going in daddy's truck.

What makes you sad? When I have to sit out (in thinking time).

Who is your best friend? Alex

What is your favorite food? Pizza

What is your favorite toy? Snap blocks.

What song do you love to sing? Deep and Wide

What are you really good at? Climbing.

What is your favorite restaurant? C&Js BBQ

What does your mommy do for a job? Work at A&M. Watch the Aggies play.

What does your daddy do for a job? Goes in daddy's truck.

What do you think about before you fall asleep at night? The dark light.

What do you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut.

Welcome to 4 sweet Andrew! 4 is my absolute favorite year of childhood (that we have experienced so far, anyway) so here's to hoping the next year goes by slooooooowly (hey, I can dream, right?)

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