Thursday, October 20, 2016

656 Miles

The big day was finally here! We were Florida bound!

Jackson got two days off from school the second week in October so we decided to take advantage of it (and extend that break for 3 more days) and take a family vacation since taking off during the summer is hard for me. 

656 miles separated us from the sugar white sands and blue-green water of Fort Walton Beach, so the plan was to leave around 4:30 AM so that the boys could sleep through at least the first leg of the trip and make it through Houston without traffic. Well, we did leave at 4:30 AM but Ben was actually the only sleeper. Everyone else was too excited to sleep!

We made our now traditional stop when we're travelling east on I-10 at the Cracker Barrel in Lake Charles.

Andrew was ready for his pancakes, can ya tell?

Ben actually did amazingly well. He slept a good bit of the drive and didn't fuss too much for a busy busy busy one year old who was strapped in a car seat for 10 hours.
Those eyelashes! I'm so jealous of them!
We had a planned stop in Mobile for a late lunch and to tour the USS Alabama. We've stopped at the Battleship Park lots of times but have never actually toured the battleship. The boys were very excited about this and were annoyed to have to stop for a picture! And yes, we were all decked out in our Game Day maroon. BTHO Tennessee! We got lots of comments on our attire from the conglomeration of SEC fans assembled at this tourist destination in Mobile. (And of course, we kept on proudly wearing our maroon all week following that big win which was really fun because Tennessee must have been on a fall break as there were dozens of them at our resort!)

We learned a lot about the life of a WWII sailor.

The boys, of course, were fascinated with all the guns on the ship!

Sweet 4 year old and his daddy.

We also saw some planes and toured the submarine that's also at the park.

The submarine was so small! I can't imagine 60 men living and working in such cramped quarters for months at a time.

We took our traditional photo in front of the chain link fence and then we were on our way for the last 2 hours of the drive!

From one kid to three!

Justin and I quietly cheered (everyone else was napping) when we saw this sign!

Finally we made it! Daddy pushed some precious cargo into the condo.

The condo was great but this is what made those 656 miles so very worth it...

The picture overload of a week's worth of beautiful beach days are coming up next!

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