Monday, September 5, 2016

Maroon Looks Good on You, Kid

Of course we all donned our maroon for College Colors day last week! 

With the first Aggie football game just hours away by this point, we were all giddy with excitement!

Yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

Here we are on College Colors Day last year versus this year. Ahem. I think we can all agree that Ben looks a lot cuter on me than in me, am I right?

The last time we were all decked out in our maroon was way back in May for the Staff Photo Day, an awesome staff appreciation event where we could go to all of the iconic places on campus and get our picture taken by photographers. The family humored me and we got some great shots at our favorite place in the world!

 Aren't these just the cutest little Aggies?

The line at some of the photo stops was a little long, but the boys entertained themselves with brother-powered wagon rides.

We even did a little geocaching on campus! Always a hit!

Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm raising little boys or a litter of they are chasing a squirrel. Oy.

Gig 'Em Aggies!

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