Monday, September 12, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Three day weekends are just the best. Justin and I did not actually have Labor Day off, but the boys did so we used some vacation time. The extra day just makes such a difference in feeling like we can get everything done we need to and still have time for some fun!

And Nana came to visit!

Way back in the summer, Andrew decided he wanted to have his birthday party at one of the new trampoline places that were set to open late summer. Flash forward to September and neither of those places are open yet. So I ask him what kind of party he wants instead. His response? "A REPTILE party!" Ok! A reptile party. 

So on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend we set out for the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History to check out their birthday party options since it appeared they did Reptile parties! 

They certainly delivered on the reptile front!

Unfortunately they aren't doing parties on the weekend we have slated for the party so we've moved on to Plan B which involves 15 preschoolers in our backyard and a man showing up with a van full of snakes and lizards (don't worry, he's legit and should be very educational). But seriously, snakes give me the creeps. Why did I agree to this? Oh yeah, because I love my child. My sweet, precious middle child who doesn't get to call many of the shots around here. He wants reptiles for his birthday party, so how could I say no? 

So while we came up empty on the party plans, we enjoyed the other exhibits at the museum anyway. We found a very interesting species of giant armadillo!

I think Ben's feelings for taxidermy animals are similar to my feelings for snakes.

On Sunday we enjoyed a little pool time. 

Jackson accomplished a big feat! He swam all the way across the pool!

Now we just need to work on his breathing... =)

The boys loved having their Nana for the weekend and Justin and I even sneaked in a childless trip to the grocery store together and a night out to roam Barnes and Noble! Such a treat!

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