Monday, September 26, 2016

Benjamin is the big ONE!

"Hey, what does that say?? It can't be!"
Believe it or not, sweet baby Ben is 1!

At one, he weighs about 23 pounds, wears 18 month clothes, a size 4 diaper and has 7 teeth (4 on top, 3 on bottom). He's finally starting to get some hair, but it will still be quite a while until his first haircut. His eyes still haven't decided what color they are going to be. I think they will end up hazel, but they are still a greyish, brownish hazely color.

He's already a climber, and I can already tell he's going to test his momma's nerves (and that's saying a lot since I'm a veteran boy mom!) Just look at this mischievous grin...

This month has been all about finding new ways to communicate. He's gotten pretty proficient at waving and points at everything he finds interesting too. He babbles a lot, especially when there are no brothers around to out talk him!

He is impatient. When he is ready to eat, the food better have been served 5 minutes ago. And when he's done, he wants down now! There's no stalling him. So yeah, don't come to our house to enjoy a leisurely relaxed dinner anytime soon!

He moved up to his new class at school and handled the transition beautifully. I think he is happy to be with the big kids, surrounded by new toys and such. He gets to go play on the playground outside which I know he loves. He's also sleeping on a nap mat now. I am just glad he's no longer a liability in the baby room as I believe he pretty much viewed the little babies laying on the floor as mere speed bumps! I know that he will really take off developmentally now that he's surrounded by bigger kids, so watch out! He will regularly take 3-4 steps and sometimes 7-8 steps, but is still crawling a lot. Now inspired by his new classmates though, I bet by next month he will be a full-time walker.

He is a busy boy! Constantly on the move and problem-solving his way into all sorts of mischief! He has no interest in the hundreds of toys we have. Oh no. This boy is zeroed in on all the electronics, remote controls, and emptying kitchen cabinets in no time at all. And don't turn your back for even a minute!

Yes, all signs point to Benjamin's entry into toddler-hood. What a wonderful year it's been! He is adored by his brothers, doted on by his mom and dad and instantly wins over everyone he meets with his cheeky grin. He is a happy, healthy, beautiful kid. We are so lucky to be his parents! 

Precious brothers at one year. I think they all look so different!

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