Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Melody!

My much older and wiser sister turned 40 today! We got to go to Houston last weekend to celebrate with her.

She needed A LOT of help blowing out all the candles on that cake. And they didn't even use all 40!

I am grateful that she and my other older siblings blaze the trail into these milestone birthdays for me. By the time I make it there, they are already almost at the next milestone so it's no big deal!

Happy birthday, Melly!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Benjamin is the big ONE!

"Hey, what does that say?? It can't be!"
Believe it or not, sweet baby Ben is 1!

At one, he weighs about 23 pounds, wears 18 month clothes, a size 4 diaper and has 7 teeth (4 on top, 3 on bottom). He's finally starting to get some hair, but it will still be quite a while until his first haircut. His eyes still haven't decided what color they are going to be. I think they will end up hazel, but they are still a greyish, brownish hazely color.

He's already a climber, and I can already tell he's going to test his momma's nerves (and that's saying a lot since I'm a veteran boy mom!) Just look at this mischievous grin...

This month has been all about finding new ways to communicate. He's gotten pretty proficient at waving and points at everything he finds interesting too. He babbles a lot, especially when there are no brothers around to out talk him!

He is impatient. When he is ready to eat, the food better have been served 5 minutes ago. And when he's done, he wants down now! There's no stalling him. So yeah, don't come to our house to enjoy a leisurely relaxed dinner anytime soon!

He moved up to his new class at school and handled the transition beautifully. I think he is happy to be with the big kids, surrounded by new toys and such. He gets to go play on the playground outside which I know he loves. He's also sleeping on a nap mat now. I am just glad he's no longer a liability in the baby room as I believe he pretty much viewed the little babies laying on the floor as mere speed bumps! I know that he will really take off developmentally now that he's surrounded by bigger kids, so watch out! He will regularly take 3-4 steps and sometimes 7-8 steps, but is still crawling a lot. Now inspired by his new classmates though, I bet by next month he will be a full-time walker.

He is a busy boy! Constantly on the move and problem-solving his way into all sorts of mischief! He has no interest in the hundreds of toys we have. Oh no. This boy is zeroed in on all the electronics, remote controls, and emptying kitchen cabinets in no time at all. And don't turn your back for even a minute!

Yes, all signs point to Benjamin's entry into toddler-hood. What a wonderful year it's been! He is adored by his brothers, doted on by his mom and dad and instantly wins over everyone he meets with his cheeky grin. He is a happy, healthy, beautiful kid. We are so lucky to be his parents! 

Precious brothers at one year. I think they all look so different!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

I rocked sweet Benjamin to sleep one more time as an 11 month old...

....and he woke up the next morning as a big one year old! This boy has truly brought 365 days of joy to our family!

What a difference a year makes!

We went to see our birthday boy at school during lunch. His official birthday is at 11:36 AM and we got to sing to him at almost that time precisely. He enjoyed the treat we brought to him and his classmates (as well as the rest of his lunch, as you can see!)

Then the whole family got to celebrate with the birthday boy at dinner.

It's not a birthday without a present! Oh boy, a Rody!

Big brothers were eager to "help" Benjamin with his new toy by demonstrating just how it works. I guess we should have gotten 3. =)

Happy birthday, baby boy! The celebrations have just begun!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Swinging Trio

We are finally starting to have a few days that are slightly cooler than the surface of the sun. Poor Andrew begs to go outside every day, even when it's 100 degrees, so I'm happy to finally be able to say yes once in a while without fear of bodily harm. So one of these evenings, the boys and I headed down to the park and all the swings were free!

Benjamin is a big fan of the swing!

His giggles were just the best. =)

And all that swinging and giggling really wears a guy out (and his daddy too!).

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Benny the Rebel

Benjamin received his first birthday gift! Nana may not be able to come to his first birthday party depending on the timing of the arrival of her new grandbaby (Justin's niece!) so she opted to give him his present when she was here earlier in the month.

A slide that is just his size! Oh boy!

A perfect gift for our busy, into-everything, thrill-seeking boy!

And he's already proving to be quite the rebel. He learned how to go UP the slide first!

Check out these feats of strength!

And just a couple of weeks later and he's learned how to go up the stairs and down the slide properly! What a big boy!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Three day weekends are just the best. Justin and I did not actually have Labor Day off, but the boys did so we used some vacation time. The extra day just makes such a difference in feeling like we can get everything done we need to and still have time for some fun!

And Nana came to visit!

Way back in the summer, Andrew decided he wanted to have his birthday party at one of the new trampoline places that were set to open late summer. Flash forward to September and neither of those places are open yet. So I ask him what kind of party he wants instead. His response? "A REPTILE party!" Ok! A reptile party. 

So on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend we set out for the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History to check out their birthday party options since it appeared they did Reptile parties! 

They certainly delivered on the reptile front!

Unfortunately they aren't doing parties on the weekend we have slated for the party so we've moved on to Plan B which involves 15 preschoolers in our backyard and a man showing up with a van full of snakes and lizards (don't worry, he's legit and should be very educational). But seriously, snakes give me the creeps. Why did I agree to this? Oh yeah, because I love my child. My sweet, precious middle child who doesn't get to call many of the shots around here. He wants reptiles for his birthday party, so how could I say no? 

So while we came up empty on the party plans, we enjoyed the other exhibits at the museum anyway. We found a very interesting species of giant armadillo!

I think Ben's feelings for taxidermy animals are similar to my feelings for snakes.

On Sunday we enjoyed a little pool time. 

Jackson accomplished a big feat! He swam all the way across the pool!

Now we just need to work on his breathing... =)

The boys loved having their Nana for the weekend and Justin and I even sneaked in a childless trip to the grocery store together and a night out to roam Barnes and Noble! Such a treat!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Maroon Looks Good on You, Kid

Of course we all donned our maroon for College Colors day last week! 

With the first Aggie football game just hours away by this point, we were all giddy with excitement!

Yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

Here we are on College Colors Day last year versus this year. Ahem. I think we can all agree that Ben looks a lot cuter on me than in me, am I right?

The last time we were all decked out in our maroon was way back in May for the Staff Photo Day, an awesome staff appreciation event where we could go to all of the iconic places on campus and get our picture taken by photographers. The family humored me and we got some great shots at our favorite place in the world!

 Aren't these just the cutest little Aggies?

The line at some of the photo stops was a little long, but the boys entertained themselves with brother-powered wagon rides.

We even did a little geocaching on campus! Always a hit!

Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm raising little boys or a litter of puppies...here they are chasing a squirrel. Oy.

Gig 'Em Aggies!