Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nac Staycation: Part 2

With a few in our group having had a bit too much sun the day before at the lake, we headed indoors for the next day's activities. Destination: Discovery Science Place in Tyler. This was Jackson's big request since he had such a great time there during his visit with Gram and Pop back in June.

It takes a while to get 15 people showered, dressed and fed and at least another 20 minutes to figure out who is riding in which car with the requisite car seats, so it was nearly lunch time when we set out. We stopped in Jacksonville at Loves Lookout for a picnic lunch. Our picnic was pretty comfortable under a shaded picnic pavilion, and it was worth venturing into the sun for the 30 mile view!

Did you know that Jacksonville, Texas is the "Tomato Capital of the World"? Apparently it is.

Another 30 minutes in the cars and we made it to the museum with so many things to see and do!

The kids tried their hands at a little broadcast television, taking turns at news anchor, host of the cooking segment, and behind the scenes production.

They dug for dinosaur fossils, peered into the microscope and learned exactly where Rio de Janeiro is.

The earthquake simulator was a favorite, but Ben wasn't so sure!

The big boys tried their hands at robotic arms...

While the little boy sampled his toes!

The second room was dedicated to all sorts of role-play exhibits and physics. Andrew particularly enjoyed being a firefighter and dishing up delicious foods in the cafe. Jackson enjoyed the physics exhibits, and couldn't be convinced to even set foot in the baby nursery. Apparently doing so would make him a girl and no amount of reason could convince him otherwise.

The kiddos thought the museum was out of this world!

Wouldn't my hubby make a handsome astronaut? Andrew loved driving the space rover and did not want to share. I'm gonna bet that NASA is not tolerant of sibling rivalry among their astronauts.

With babies starting to get cranky, we had to call it a day. 5 out of 6 of the people in our van couldn't keep their eyes open on the way home, so I'm gonna call that a successful day!

Our last day of the staycay was a leisure one. Most of the big girls did some shopping in town while everyone else just hung out at the house, splashing in the pool, giggling with Pop and watching the Olympics.

Jackson has decided he wants to be a fencer. Anyone know where he can take fencing lessons in Bryan/College Station?

We even got to help Scarlette celebrate her birthday!

Happy is glow stick necklaces and earrings!

And just look at these proud grandparents with all their grands except one! What a blessing it is that these precious cousins can spend a week together making memories!

Thanks for a wonderful week, Gram and Pop!

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