Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Nac Staycation: Fun in the Sun

We're back! We escaped to Nacogdoches last week for a little staycation with my family, and returned with a sick baby and 6 loads of dirty laundry. The baby is well again and the laundry is as done as laundry ever gets around here, so I can finally get to updating the blog. 

We front-loaded the staycay with lots of fun in the sun. On Wednesday, we went to the new water park in Nacogdoches and it was great! Not too big, but plenty of things for our crew to do. 

These cousins had a blast playing and splashing together!

Getting them all to slide down the slide at the same time is harder than it seems!

Sweet brothers! (although I had to remind them a few times that it's probably best to not wrestle in a pool, particularly when neither of you swim that well.)

Jackson and I sneaked away to the big slides a few times! This boy loves water slides! At one point with Andrew and I watching from below, he climbed to the top of the slide tower and instead of going down the slide that emptied into 4 feet of water with a lifeguard waiting to catch him, he chose to go down the slide that emptied into 12 feet of water with no lifeguard waiting in the water. Without his puddle jumper. I panicked thinking the guard would have to jump in to fish him out. But you know what? He splashed deep into the water, swam to the surface and then did a perfect front crawl for about 15 feet to the side where Andrew and I were waiting for him. So maybe he can swim!

While Jackson went down all the slides, Andrew and I hung out. He can't wait until he is 42 inches and can also go down all the slides. Maybe next summer!

And the kids weren't the only ones enjoying the fun in the sun with some of their favorite people!

While we splashed at the water park, Gram and Pop were on baby duty! They said they always wanted twins! Ben and Leo enjoyed their 1 on 1 time with their most adoring fans.

More sunshine and splashing followed the next day with time on the lake!

Benjamin has a tendency to try to drink whatever water he is placed in, so he didn't really get IN the lake. But he liked the wind on his sweet bald head and hanging out with mom and dad on the boat.

Can these two get any cuter? Nope.

Everyone loves the lake!

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