Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Celebrating Daddy

Our favorite guy had a birthday this weekend, and we had so much fun celebrating him. 

The boys kicked off their weekend with some quality time at the Lowe's kids' workshop making Hulk! And yes, Andrew wore that sticker on his head the whole time. 

That evening, we went out for Mexican food. In addition to celebrating the birthday boy, Justin and I started Whole30 today, so we definitely enjoyed indulging while we could!

I made breakfast and then Jackson and Andrew could hardly wait to give Daddy his present. They "helped" me wrap it and then carried it downstairs. As we were coming down the stairs (before Justin could even hold the gift, much less unwrap it), Andrew proudly announced what his present was. So much for surprises! (not that there are many surprises anyway in the world of shared bank accounts, but still, we lost even the pretense of a surprise!)

It's a FitBit! I do think that Jackson and Andrew were more excited about daddy's gift than he was!

We had a busy day of errands, but ended with a home-cooked meal and Justin's request, a lemon bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Sooooo good!

Happy birthday to the man who loves us all so well!

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