Monday, July 18, 2016

Those Summer Nights

When it's 8:00 and there's still nearly an hour of sunlight left, it's hard to convince the kiddos that it's bedtime! So instead of fighting it, we embrace those extra minutes!

One night Sonic was running a half price ice cream cones special which provided a nice incentive for everyone to finish their dinner quickly!

Do you think they were excited for their ice cream?


Gotta love the ice cream goatees!

Then on a Friday night, we went and had dinner in downtown Bryan at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. There is a splash pad just down the street that we had never visited before, so after dinner we just let the boys take off their shirts and try it out!

Check out these muscle-bound lads!


And the cherry on top was that there was a geocache in the same park. Jackson spotted this tiny, well-hidden cache all by himself. Good job buddy!

What do you do with your extra minutes of summer sunlight???

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