Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Swimming with Papa John and Granny

Is there anything better than the Saturday of a long weekend with three whole days of relaxation stretching in front of you? We spent ours with Papa John and Granny in the pool!

This guy...he's such a fish these days! Give him a pair of goggles, a pool and some dive sticks and he's entertained for hours. He was very happy to swim with Papa John!

Andrew enjoyed his swimming time too!

Since big brother wasn't using his puddle jumper, he made good use of it!

When Papa John left to get some pizza, the boys equally enjoyed their pool time with Granny.

 Even Benjamin got in on the action!

He LOVES to splash!

Splashing really wears a guy out.

3 Generations of Malnar Men.

Thanks for a fun day in the pool, Papa John & Granny!

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