Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lake Day

4th of July weekend means time spent on the lake!

The day did not disappoint. The weather was perfect, the lake was cool, and we soaked up the sun and family time. And as a wonderful bonus, we got to catch up with an old friend, Jason and meet his lovely family!

The boys practiced their surfing...and falling skills.

A sandwich just tastes better on a boat, don't you think?

I cannot handle this cuteness...

After several hours on the lake, followed by some nice naps for nearly everyone, we enjoyed an al fresco dinner. (From here, the quality of the photos goes way up because Jason was behind the camera instead of me. If you live in East Texas and are in need of a portrait or special event photographer, check him out!)

Precious Benjamin learned how to clap, literally only hours before this photo was taken. He quickly learned that he got a wonderful reaction every time he showed off his new trick!

As the sun set, we enjoyed all of the outdoor activities. Well, I'm not totally sure that Ashton was "enjoying" the big swing but the other kids couldn't get enough!

Andrew and Evie played so nicely together, as long as Andrew got to drive....

This is what he looks like when someone else got to drive. He stood right there with his hands behind his back, whimpering, until his ride returned and he reclaimed the driver's seat. Pitiful.

We capped off the night with our very own fireworks display. Awesome!

Benjamin capped off his night with a bath in the sink, courtesy of Aunt Melly who is the best baby bather ever.

I think we all slept like a baby after our full and very fun day!

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