Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Camp Nana & Raising 'em Right

I'm soooooo behind blogging! I have about 7 posts planned that I just haven't had a chance to sit down and write. So this one is going all the way back to the week after Jackson's birthday in June when Nana spent the week with us!

Jackson went to his summer enrichment classes in the morning, and Nana rotated another kid to stay home with her each day so each boy got some special time with her. 

Andrew, of course, chose to go to "'Donalds" on one of his days.

And had fun making jello (in and A&M jello mold, of course!)

Jackson had lots of fun with Nana with trips to the pool, Children's Museum and more. I'm not exactly sure what they did this day, but apparently it wore him out!

With Benjamin safely at home with Nana, the big boys got to make their annual trip to campus to visit mommy at work when I was working the orientation evening programs. They got to stay up late, hang out with my work friends, high five the Yell Leaders and then participate in Yell Practice. Major win.  #raisinemright

Thanks, Nana for a fun week!

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