Sunday, July 10, 2016

Camp Cabin in the Woods: Jackson's Week

The long anticipated week had finally arrived! Jackson's week with Gram and Pop! You may remember that Andrew had his week back in May and Jackson had been counting down for his turn ever since. 

Jackson's week started with a little overnight road trip to Tyler. Their hotel was conveniently close to the Gander Mountain which Jackson and Pop were both excited about.

They had a little pizza for lunch then a dip in the hotel pool.

The reason for the trip to Tyler was to attend one of the local mega church's presentation of "I Love America"-- a patriotic musical/parade/laser light show extraordinaire. Jackson LOVED it. Here he is face timing me afterwards telling me about all of it.

The next day, they checked out the Discovery Science Place. It looked awesome and got more rave reviews from Jackson.

Gram and Pop said he would have happily spent a couple more hours there but it was time for lunch and to head back to the Cabin in the Woods.

Since Jackson saw pictures of Andrew's fishing trip, he was especially looking forward to his own and to catch more fish than Andrew.

He got his wish! I think they caught something like 13 fish!

And the next day brought more adventure on the lake, but this time in Pop's faster boat!

Jackson finally got to go tubing! He didn't want his ride to end and kept urging Pop to go faster.

Despite his pleas to stay on the tube, Gram and Pop thought he needed a break. Maybe he was just a little tired...

Meanwhile back in College Station, we enjoyed a slower pace with just two kiddos.

And Andrew enjoyed his chocowate ice cream!

Jackson had an awesome week with Gram and Pop, but we were all eager to reunite with him at the Cabin in the Woods for the 4th of July weekend!

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