Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Benjamin is 10 Months!

Sweet Benjamin flew into the double digits this month! 

He's become so fun this month! He claps, gives high fives and lots of belly laughs. He's adventurous and a bit mischievous. He knows he's not supposed to climb the stairs, so if he notices the stairs are unobstructed, he will glance at me, giggle and then crawl as fast as he can and start climbing, laughing even harder when I come after him. He's also begun to sign "more" during dinner time if we prompt him.

Benjamin is finally sleeping in his bed...most of the time...when he's not sick or teething or out of his routine or if the cat doesn't go in his room meowing. Ok, so maybe the stars still have to perfectly align for him to sleep well but it's much improved. He took a break from the new teeth game for a couple of months, but number 5 just popped through. And he's continuing to get more hair! I still haven't found a food he won't eat, except foods that are specifically baby food. No purees and he's not even much of a fan of puffs (but enjoys Cheerios)!

He really likes the monkey-see, monkey-do game, especially when I stick my tongue out at him. And once he does it once and I laugh at him, he gets a kick out of doing it again and again.

And again and again. =)

If he's awake, he's BUSY. He's already figured out which kitchen cabinets need some reinforcing on their child proof locks and can clear a book shelf or toy cabinet in mere seconds.

He's doing so many big boy things now. He's been crawling and standing for about 3 months now, but it's only in the last week or so that he's figured out he can let go. He's taken a step or two quite a few times so I'm sure we will have a full-fledged walker by his next month day.

At school, they sent home the note to prepare us for his transition out of the infant class. So now he is wearing shoes at school, and he thinks he's Mr. Big Stuff. (He also likes to chew on his shoes and take them off a hundred times a day) =)
First day to wear real shoes to school!
We were playing outside the other night and he was just one of the guys hanging out at the water table. 

Then his friend Jacob showed up and it really hit home how much he has grown, and how he already has so much more in common with his older brothers than his friend who is only 8 months younger than him. It simultaneously seems like yesterday and so long ago I can hardly remember it that he was that small. Where did my baby go?

Each new day with Ben is more fun than the last, but I am definitely savoring these last, fleeting days of his babyhood! Happy 10 months precious boy!

Maybe if he had more hair he would look more like his big brothers?? 

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