Friday, July 8, 2016

Ben Going Up!

Well, Ben figured out the stairs! Once he realized he could go up the first stair or two, he took off and conquered the rest quickly!

Dad and Jackson provided the encouragement and mom provided the spotting/paparazzi.

The second flight was no problem for this now stair-climbing pro.

Love those chunky thighs!

Both brothers were waiting at the top of the stairs to cheer him on.

And nobody was more excited than Andrew when Ben made it to the top!

I pray these boys are always so encouraging to one another, building each other up to accomplish their greatest challenges and enthusiastically celebrating each ones' victories!

The prize! The playroom!

Now that he knows he can go up so easily, he wants to do it all the time. If the stairs aren't obstructed, he makes a beeline for them, laughing as we chase him down. As a result, he's found himself in baby jail a bit more frequently. But we make it as fun as we can for him!

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