Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ailing Andrew

Does this look like a boy with a 103 degree fever, home from school for the second day in a row?

He may not look the part, but that's what happened last week. This kid is so tough. Even with a high fever, laying on the couch clearly not feeling well, when we asked him if he felt sick he would cheerfully reply "nope! I feel fine!"  

Justin and I got all caught up on our Andrew snuggles and he enjoyed the equivalent of several weeks worth of screen time. He usually gets bored and restless after just a couple of episodes of cartoons so it was telling of how he was really feeling when he was content to snuggle and rest for hours at a time.

The fever stuck around for 4 days, but he never had any other symptoms so as long as he had Tylenol, he was feeling pretty good. By the last day, he was feeling closer to his normal self so we played quite a bit and even got out the moon sand. Then a very special surprise (to him) babysitting team showed up! Grammy and Pop to the rescue!

I had desperately texted mom the night before to see if they were able to come assist and they saved the day letting Justin and I both go to work that afternoon AND they even cooked us dinner and fixed the vacuum (very important when your 3 year old has been playing with moon sand). Heroes. Thank you Grammy and Pop!

Extra time with mom and many cartoons as he wanted...PJs all day...and a surprise visit from Grammy and Pop as the cherry on top. Yes, Andrew was definitely sad when he learned he was all better and had to go back to school!

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