Sunday, July 31, 2016

Watermelon's Biggest (and Cutest) Fan!

Ben is a great eater, so it's hard to say what his favorite foods are. But he let us know in no uncertain terms that watermelon is definitely a favorite!

At first, I diced up little chunks of the watermelon and put them on his tray. He had already had a whole plate of food and two slices of watermelon, so I thought he was done. I got up from the table and went to the counter to grab MY slice of watermelon. As I brought it back to the table, he started screeching and reaching for it. So I handed him the whole slice and you've never seen a happier baby!

He's not the only watermelon lover in the house! Andrew is also a fan!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Playroom Tour

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today for a tour of our playroom. 

It's quite possibly my favorite room in the house because it's just so cheerful! I also love that it's a place the boys can play to their heart's content, and when they are done playing, we just close the door leaving the mess inside! That said, it doesn't usually look like this!

On one wall, we have our magnet board (an automotive oil drip pan) and the play kitchen. Above that are our framed autograph photo mats from our trip to Disney. Perfect for the playroom!

Then in the corner is our stuffed animal zoo. It's perfect for containing all of the stuffed animals in a small foot print. Here is Jackson posing with it right after we got it a few years ago. He was so little!
 On the opposite side is a big sunny window and the train table alcove.

In the other corner is more toy storage and our big book shelf. We can never have too many books! The ABC print that's hanging above the bookshelf is the first decorative item we purchased for Jackson's original nursery when I was pregnant with him. I still love it. <3

Hanging above the toy storage are two shelves, one that holds mine and Justin's childhood lovies. 

That's our playroom! We love it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

6 Year Old Boy Humor

Over the weekend, I was playing with Benjamin downstairs when Jackson comes down exclaiming, ""Mommy, mommy come upstairs! I wrote you a funny message!"

Doesn't this just perfectly sum up six year old boy humor? Rotten fish ice cream and bugs. In his little boy brain, it just doesn't get any funnier than that. Love this smart, funny boy!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Benjamin is 10 Months!

Sweet Benjamin flew into the double digits this month! 

He's become so fun this month! He claps, gives high fives and lots of belly laughs. He's adventurous and a bit mischievous. He knows he's not supposed to climb the stairs, so if he notices the stairs are unobstructed, he will glance at me, giggle and then crawl as fast as he can and start climbing, laughing even harder when I come after him. He's also begun to sign "more" during dinner time if we prompt him.

Benjamin is finally sleeping in his bed...most of the time...when he's not sick or teething or out of his routine or if the cat doesn't go in his room meowing. Ok, so maybe the stars still have to perfectly align for him to sleep well but it's much improved. He took a break from the new teeth game for a couple of months, but number 5 just popped through. And he's continuing to get more hair! I still haven't found a food he won't eat, except foods that are specifically baby food. No purees and he's not even much of a fan of puffs (but enjoys Cheerios)!

He really likes the monkey-see, monkey-do game, especially when I stick my tongue out at him. And once he does it once and I laugh at him, he gets a kick out of doing it again and again.

And again and again. =)

If he's awake, he's BUSY. He's already figured out which kitchen cabinets need some reinforcing on their child proof locks and can clear a book shelf or toy cabinet in mere seconds.

He's doing so many big boy things now. He's been crawling and standing for about 3 months now, but it's only in the last week or so that he's figured out he can let go. He's taken a step or two quite a few times so I'm sure we will have a full-fledged walker by his next month day.

At school, they sent home the note to prepare us for his transition out of the infant class. So now he is wearing shoes at school, and he thinks he's Mr. Big Stuff. (He also likes to chew on his shoes and take them off a hundred times a day) =)
First day to wear real shoes to school!
We were playing outside the other night and he was just one of the guys hanging out at the water table. 

Then his friend Jacob showed up and it really hit home how much he has grown, and how he already has so much more in common with his older brothers than his friend who is only 8 months younger than him. It simultaneously seems like yesterday and so long ago I can hardly remember it that he was that small. Where did my baby go?

Each new day with Ben is more fun than the last, but I am definitely savoring these last, fleeting days of his babyhood! Happy 10 months precious boy!

Maybe if he had more hair he would look more like his big brothers?? 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ailing Andrew

Does this look like a boy with a 103 degree fever, home from school for the second day in a row?

He may not look the part, but that's what happened last week. This kid is so tough. Even with a high fever, laying on the couch clearly not feeling well, when we asked him if he felt sick he would cheerfully reply "nope! I feel fine!"  

Justin and I got all caught up on our Andrew snuggles and he enjoyed the equivalent of several weeks worth of screen time. He usually gets bored and restless after just a couple of episodes of cartoons so it was telling of how he was really feeling when he was content to snuggle and rest for hours at a time.

The fever stuck around for 4 days, but he never had any other symptoms so as long as he had Tylenol, he was feeling pretty good. By the last day, he was feeling closer to his normal self so we played quite a bit and even got out the moon sand. Then a very special surprise (to him) babysitting team showed up! Grammy and Pop to the rescue!

I had desperately texted mom the night before to see if they were able to come assist and they saved the day letting Justin and I both go to work that afternoon AND they even cooked us dinner and fixed the vacuum (very important when your 3 year old has been playing with moon sand). Heroes. Thank you Grammy and Pop!

Extra time with mom and many cartoons as he wanted...PJs all day...and a surprise visit from Grammy and Pop as the cherry on top. Yes, Andrew was definitely sad when he learned he was all better and had to go back to school!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Those Summer Nights

When it's 8:00 and there's still nearly an hour of sunlight left, it's hard to convince the kiddos that it's bedtime! So instead of fighting it, we embrace those extra minutes!

One night Sonic was running a half price ice cream cones special which provided a nice incentive for everyone to finish their dinner quickly!

Do you think they were excited for their ice cream?


Gotta love the ice cream goatees!

Then on a Friday night, we went and had dinner in downtown Bryan at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. There is a splash pad just down the street that we had never visited before, so after dinner we just let the boys take off their shirts and try it out!

Check out these muscle-bound lads!


And the cherry on top was that there was a geocache in the same park. Jackson spotted this tiny, well-hidden cache all by himself. Good job buddy!

What do you do with your extra minutes of summer sunlight???

Friday, July 15, 2016

Fabulous 4th

Is there anything cuter than three smiling brothers all dressed in their red white and blue?

 We enjoyed a relaxing 4th, watching the kids play outside, splashing in the pool.

Oh yes, he's cute but Benjamin made his mommy very nervous with all of his boisterous splashing, trying to stand up in the pool, and crawling over the sides.

As the sun set, we headed into town for the fireworks show.

The cousins goofed off while waiting (and waiting, and waiting and waiting) for the show to start. 

 Insert gratuitous fireworks photo here:

How blessed we are to live in a country where these precious children can enjoy simple pleasures like swimming in a lake, swinging from a tree, and laughing with their brothers without a single fear or worry. May we never forget those brave men and women who gave their all to protect our freedoms, our way of life, and the innocence of childhood for all of our children.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lake Day

4th of July weekend means time spent on the lake!

The day did not disappoint. The weather was perfect, the lake was cool, and we soaked up the sun and family time. And as a wonderful bonus, we got to catch up with an old friend, Jason and meet his lovely family!

The boys practiced their surfing...and falling skills.

A sandwich just tastes better on a boat, don't you think?

I cannot handle this cuteness...

After several hours on the lake, followed by some nice naps for nearly everyone, we enjoyed an al fresco dinner. (From here, the quality of the photos goes way up because Jason was behind the camera instead of me. If you live in East Texas and are in need of a portrait or special event photographer, check him out!)

Precious Benjamin learned how to clap, literally only hours before this photo was taken. He quickly learned that he got a wonderful reaction every time he showed off his new trick!

As the sun set, we enjoyed all of the outdoor activities. Well, I'm not totally sure that Ashton was "enjoying" the big swing but the other kids couldn't get enough!

Andrew and Evie played so nicely together, as long as Andrew got to drive....

This is what he looks like when someone else got to drive. He stood right there with his hands behind his back, whimpering, until his ride returned and he reclaimed the driver's seat. Pitiful.

We capped off the night with our very own fireworks display. Awesome!

Benjamin capped off his night with a bath in the sink, courtesy of Aunt Melly who is the best baby bather ever.

I think we all slept like a baby after our full and very fun day!