Friday, June 24, 2016

Jackson's Lego Party

Jackson loves legos and was thrilled when I told him there was a Lego place in town where he could have his birthday party.

It was a milestone year in that for the first time we were inviting kids whose parents I had never met. I do love a printed invitation, but the school directory only provides email addresses so we made the best of it. Thank goodness for evite! 

I had a blast putting this party together because it was such a fun, colorful theme!

The mini-figure cupcake toppers were a hit!

Assembling the party decorations meant Justin and I got to play with lots of legos!

And was there really any other option for party favors?

And let's just say that the birthday boy was excited to arrive at his party! Have you ever seen such an excited face?

But the faces quickly turned to focused. Building legos is serious work!

Seriously fun, that is! He had a blast building with all of his friends from every corner of his life.

Jackson especially loved racing his lego cars down the ramp! He quickly discovered that the key to winning was to have the longest car.

 Happy 6th birthday, big kid! I hope all your dreams come true!

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