Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Jackson!

We had such fun celebrating our 6 year old!

Jackson woke up early on his birthday, but mommy woke up even earlier and surprised him with birthday donuts for breakfast!

It's definitely going to be a good day when you start off with that much sugar!

His birthday fell on a Thursday so Justin and I had to work and he was off to his summer enrichment and day camp for the day.

But we were too excited to wait to give him his gift! A new scooter! He had just about outgrown his old one so it was time for an upgrade!

After school and work he chose Wings n More for his birthday dinner because he loves the pickle chips. And because it was his birthday, we let him check out the arcade.

He ended the day with some delightfully blue ice cream (and Andrew thoroughly enjoyed his chocowate ice cream too!)

Since Justin and I both couldn't get out of work on Thursday, we made the afternoon on Friday his special day with Mom and Dad. The last time we went to Adamson Lagoon he was so sad because he wasn't tall enough for the big slides. He's tall enough now but Andrew isn't so we've been avoiding going. So that made it the perfect activity for his special day!

We had the best day with this little fish! 

And oh my, how easy just one kid is! 

We must have gone down the big slides at least 20 times!

Jackson discovered a new challenge in the lily pad crossing. I was so proud of his tenacity. If he fell off, he immediately hopped back in line to try again. He got pretty good at it, and was definitely one of the littlest kids who was consistently successful!

We reluctantly left the lagoon with the promise of one more adventure! We picked up the little kids as Nana and Kyndra made it in to town. We grabbed some dinner and then Nana and I took all the kiddos to see Finding Dory in 3D. Such a good movie!

We weren't done celebrating yet though! Jackson's awesome lego party was coming up next!

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